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Our beautiful stones bring the best in design and craftsmanship to its selection of jewelry.
Among them, the ammolite is our representative product, and it shows that it is very special in itself.

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Ammolite-from a rare mineralized fossil – was discovered in Southern Alberta, Canada.
Only limited quantities of Ammolite are available, thereby enhancing the value of this unique North American gemstone.
Ammolite is a unique gemstone. Each piece, hand-cut and finished, is one-of-a-kind. More than 70 million years ago, a life form called “ammonite” roamed the sub-tropical seas that bordered the Rocky Mountains.
Fossilization of the ammonite in iridescent hues of blue, green, red and gold, created this new gem. In 1981, the International Colored Gemstone Commission. (CIBJO) recognized the new organic gemstone as AMMOLITE.

Mesozoic Era

Ammonite cephalopods inhabit the inland subtropical sea that bordered the Rocky Mountains - this area is known today as the Cretaceous or Western Interior Seaway.


As the ammonites died, they sank to the bottom and were buried by layers of bentonitic mud that eventually became shale. Millions of year pass and the Ammonites become fossilized.


Tectonic pressure, heat and mineralization formed the gemstone, almost exclusively harvested by KORITE and AURORA


Significant deposits of gem-quality Ammolite are found in the Bearpaw Formation that extends from Alberta to Saskatchewan in Canada and south to Montana in the USA.


After mining, KORITE brings the Ammolite stone back to their headquarters. Technicians clean and hand cut each stone to maximize the unique colour.


Our specialists hand craft each piece of Jewelry, carefully choosing and setting each stone inside every piece. Working with designers, we have created beautiful collections for you to choose from.